Monday, March 1

Goodbye, Friend [See you later]

This week I said goodbye to my dear friend from Turkey. We knew the parting was coming as they were only here for 6 months, but due to her father's illness, suddenly in a weekend she was gone. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross, and I pray they will again in the future.
Fulya - it seemed like an unusual friendship.
You were 30-something, I was 20-something.
You were an architect, I was a piano teacher.
You were a Muslim, I was a Christian.
You spoke my language (mostly!!), I did not speak yours.
But yet, our hearts formed a fast friendship.
Maybe it was because we were both stay-at-home moms now.
Maybe it was because our little boys were one month apart and we loved seeing them learn & grow & interact together.
Maybe it was because we loved doing new things.
Maybe it was because God joined our hearts together.
But I loved that you were always up for a playdate or an adventure.
We had some wonderful times - the picnic in the park, the Children's Museum, sharing Thanksgiving together, the Science Museum, celebrating all of our birthdays, dinner at your apartment, many playdates, bowling.............
I am making Andrew start saving for tickets to Istanbul now. :)
I will miss you, my friend. And, I sincerely hope, I will see you later.


The Lesters said...

Sounds like such a special friend. Those types of friends are so rare and so treasured. Praying you will indeed see your friend again.

JordanandSue said...

Aww- it's so hard to say goodbye to friends!!