Sunday, March 21

It's March. And I'm Mad.

ok. not really.
but I will say I am getting totally bored with watching basketball. :)
So I got my hair cut & straightened. That's what wives are supposed to do during this Madness, right?!
I have still managed to tear the hubby away every day for a walk, as we're having GORGEOUS weather! (I just can't do it during a DUKE game!)
This was a common scene at our house this weekend.

AND, I am tied for FIRST in the Hughes family bracket. [I am really estactic about that.]


the johnson crew said...

did you have your hair chemically relaxed or just with a flat iron? i chemically relaxed katie's hair in July, and it made it so much more manageable... i want to do it again soon.

Great job getting out and walking... i have been trying to get out when i can, but haven't had much "freedom" from the kids lately. I like to take preston with me... he LOVES to talk my ear off.

that is an adorable picture of father and son together.

i love these little updates on your life.


The Lesters said...

=) If we had a tv I would be a basketball widow too. Know what you mean. Well except for the love of Duke part. ;)

Love the pic of your two boys. =)

Rob H said...

Sorry :) Rob's not into it, so I can't really sympathize, but I know I would be annoyed! but that pic is really cute anyways - he'll be just like dad.


akhughes said...

just flat iron so far. I haven't been brave enough to take that plunge, but maybe sometime I will!