Monday, August 23

The first cut is the deepest

the boy needed a trim, there was no doubt about it.
Let the first haircut commence!
hey, why am I wrapped up like a mummy?
the little piece we saved
being such a good boy!
instead of a trim, it turned into a wack job. :(
 the back looks ok, but the front is toooo short. we need a little practice on little boy haircuts! oh well, I guess it will grow back soon.
thanks daddy for my haircut, I'm really glad my bangs aren't in my eyes anymore!


{B} said...

aw, Kelly, I think you guys did a great job--he is such a little man!

Katie Barker said...

Ah...good job! The front doesn't look as bad as I might have imagined. He's still super cute!

JordanandSue said...

He looks adorable! SO grown up now!