Wednesday, August 18


Very good to be home. Traveling with an energy-charged toddler is not my favorite thing to do alone!! (and why is it that everyone who is around G for 2 seconds comments on how much energy he has?!)
The little man did so well this week! He was his happy little self almost the whole week in spite of sleeping in 5 different places, being continually surrounded by "strangers" who wanted to kiss him, and enduring lots of activities! He was a good little trooper and I think he knew he was with family because he loved everyone!
Here is our little (growing!) family. Taken at my cousin's wedding. Only missing Andrew - big boo!!
David (bro), Phuong, Kelly, Andy (bro), Deb, Dad, G, Mom, Jack, Lexi, Livi, Charis (sil), Sean (bro), Katie (sis).
We had such a fun week together, love them all. :)
and the sweetest boy cousins of the night!

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Katie Barker said...

Love the big family picture. Can't wait till my siblings all have someone standing next to them too! Glad you had such a good time.