Friday, August 20

More fun in Minne.....

A little lunch on the airplane!
he actually didn't terrorize the kittys too bad
one of the most fun things @ Gma & Gpa's house!
girl cousins dinner before the wedding.
more couzins.
here comes the bride!
playing tag at the wedding. the children needed to let a little steam off. :)
aw, banished to sleeping in the bathroom the one night we were in a hotel!
saying please for something! and no, he was not drinking that soda in his hand.
'helping' great-Gma in the garden.
I love that he stopped, smiled, and said cheese! for this pic! It's very helpful. :)
a yummy dinner cooked up by my brother!
Aunt kate.
loved this little rocker at my Grandma's, from the 1800's!


juliechall said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!

the johnson crew said...

great pictures kelly. tell mpls hello for me. ;)

Kristin Blumer said...

cute! thanks for sharing the pictures! :D