Sunday, August 8

This + That

Southwest + Midwest = separation. :(

Andrew is packing for a business trip to Phoenix this week. He will be training an assistant that will hopefully help ease his load, especially when he has to be gone. We are continally thankful for his job and praise God for providing it.
BUT Gman & I are heading out as well! Off to MN to see the family!! YAY, we can't wait! Except for my mom, grandma & sister who have been out to visit us, we haven't seen any of them since Christmas. It's hard to believe that Graham wasn't even walking at that point! He is one different little boy, that's for sure! So many tricks to share. :)

We have 2 hour and half flights each way, so hoping he decides to be a very calm, sleepy, lap-loving little boy (seriously, I believe in miracles.)
We are also staying 4 or 5 places over the course of 7 nights. Ugh, that could be a real treat. Praying for God's grace, and knowing however the week pans out, it will be okay!
My cousin is getting married on Saturday! We do not have many opportunities to have all our extended family together. A beautiful, outdoor summer wedding, I know it's going to be wonderful.

The hard part is that Graham is now at the age where he asks about Dad when he's not there. So it will be really sad for them to be apart for 8 days and for G not to understand where his daddy is. :( 
But, we are looking forward to a great week. Can't wait to see all our family!!!

*Blog note* Since some dedicated spammers have decided that they really like to have some input on my posts, I have had to move to approving comments. Annoying. Most of their comments are in some type of Chinese. How is that even worth their efforts when I have no idea what they're writing???? Or the English comment of late - Poverty is stranger to industry. So spammers - please go away. Seriously, I can't be worth your time.

This verse came to mind tonight and I rejoiced in its truth -

My heart is steadfast, O God! I will sing and make melody with all my being! Psalm 108.1


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fun time and that Graham is super-chill for your travels and various places!

the johnson crew said...

sounds wonderful. have a great trip! (way to make the best of andrew being gone.)