Thursday, October 14

new wheels

We are thanking the Lord for providing a new vehicle for us! Our past car had 172,000 miles on it and has been such a great reliable vehicle for us. We thank my parents for passing that on to us and for the safety & reliability it has given us the past 3 years. We felt this was the time we should sell it when we could still get a some money for it to put towards our new vehicle. It also did not have the trunk space to fit even our jogging stroller, much less the double stroller we see in our future! And traveling anywhere with one child, maxes out every inch of space, so I don't know where we would put two. :)
So Andrew has been on the hunt for a while. We had decided on a (pre-owned) Ford Escape. We felt that it fit our size needs and would be a good & reliable vehicle for us. Anyone that has looked at SUV's, even smaller ones, knows that they are not cheap! But it is amazing how just purchasing a few years old makes such a difference.
We had also decided on paying cash for this car. We didn't feel like we should take on a car payment at this point in our lives, when we don't necessarily know how our path is going to lead during the next couple of years.
So thankfully, Andrew's patience & hunting paid off. We feel like we got a great deal and while it *hurts* to write a big check, :) we also feel great freedom, knowing that it is officially ours. We thank the Lord for his provision for us, and I especially thank Andrew for being so diligent & meticulous in our budgeting and allowing us to save for expenditures such as these. Is it worth the coupon-clipping or not going out to eat every week or waiting on the latest gadget? Absolutely!!


JordanandSue said...

Congrats on the new vehicle! Yep, you should have plenty of room for 2 kiddos and a double stroller :)

katie said...

that's what i mean by a mom mom. now you've got the big ol car and everything! i declare you an official family. =) i love the JB song that's playing by the way. it's so pretty!

kellyH said...

hey, at least it's not a station wagon! I think it's a good mom car, now that I'm *officially* a mom with 2 kids. :)

The Lesters said...

Love it! And you wouldn't even know it was owned by someone else by looking at the picture. Looks like the previous owner took great care of it.