Thursday, October 7


This is the week everyone told me I "popped". It's so nice when everyone lets you know when you're getting fat. Only in pregnancy, I tell ya.... Seriously, I am not offended, it just makes me laugh!
5 months, can it be? I re-iterate - so much faster this time around!

A little sunshine on a crisp Fall day.
Love my boys. Can't wait to meet my girl.
I am turning the big 3-0 in just 2 months.
 Gasp. I know....... I only look 20.
Oh, what? I don't?
Well, you can lie, it's ok.
 A few items on my wishing list (you know to make it not seem so bad) :)

  • Dinner with my hubby. Anywhere, but I am thinking Thai...............
  • Door Sweaters, made by my friend Sarah, here in Etsy.
A gift card from here!

And enjoying a beautiful fall.
I couldn't resist the giant gourd. It makes me smile every time I enter my house.


the johnson crew said...

kelly, you do look 20, seriously, you do. and you are such a cute little pregnant lady. seriously little. glad it seems to be going faster.

love your wish list and your gourd too. you have beautiful taste.

kellyH said...

Janelle, you are too sweet. I am SERIOUSLY not fishing for looking young comments here!!!! I totally don't look 20, but thank you. :)

Katie Barker said...

Kelly - you look so cute! I love Suzanne's hats too!

Anonymous said...

Your wishlist looks a lot like mine would! I especially like the bowl. Hope all your wishes come true. : ) You look cute with your Eden Baby bump!

JordanandSue said...

You do look adorable, Kelly! Fall is FUN, and so are birthdays, even if they do remind us that we aren't 20 anymore... *sigh*