Sunday, October 31

the bouncy one

Our Halloween fun started last weekend!
 Our zoo had a special ZooBoo for the kiddos, so we added it as one of our Momtourage family playdates.

 He & Jenna like to hold hands. :)
 So, he usually is down for his nap by 1:00 at the latest. Here, at 1:30, he just couldn't keep himself awake!
 that is a boy on a schedule. Considering he was surrounded by his favorite - animals -, people everywhere, and he was sitting straight up!

 Halloween night!
 He LOVED visiting the neighbors! It did not take him very long at all to figure out that people on their porches had candy buckets and he got to pick one and put it in his bag. He loved it! It was so much fun to see so many neighbors out and was such a fun atmosphere!
 We stopped and visited with our landlords/neighbors.
 Apparently, we picked the right outfit, because at times he was literally bouncing down the street. :)
And now, Andrew & I have a nice little candy pile to keep us going for a while. :)

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the johnson crew said...

ADORABLE! i love his outfit! - and looks like such a fun time with friends at the zoo.