Monday, October 18

this 'ole week

An eventful week as it turned out! 
The bad:
Graham got a terrible cold. :( Oh, how I hate the colds at this age. His nose is a faucet!
The good:
He wanted to snuggle every day before bedtime & naptime. Since I already see these times as fleeting, both Andrew & I were happy to have extra rocking time. :)
The funny:
 So G discovered this week that he, um.....toots. And like all MALES, little boys, finds it very hilarious! Andrew & I probably need to stop cracking up at him or it will come back to haunt us. :)
The project:
Andrew & I are staying quite busy in our few spare minutes at doing a little room swapping. We are swapping rooms between G, us, & Eden. The best part is, we're getting some serious (way behind!) organizing done. And Graham gets to move in to a big bed very soon. Fingers crossed!
The fun:
On Saturday we joined our Redeemer family at the pumpkin patch. Also included a hay ride, petting zoo, corn maze, & bonfire. Lots of fun! 
The oops:
I totally lost track of my week count in pregnancy. Poor Eden! Well, the good news is, I'm pretty sure I'm either 22 or 23 weeks. Don't worry, girlie, I do love you!
The eats:
People, of course, always ask what I'm craving. Funny thing is, it's the exact same thing as it was with Graham - oranges or orange juice, and multi-grain cheerios. I can't get enough of them!
The blessing:
BIG blessing! We were able to sell our old car! We have sold several cars on Craig's List and it has always been pretty quick & easy. Apparently, not in Pennsylvania! For one thing, everyone who was interested seemed to have some sort of 'situation' and were so needy. They were all driving Andrew crazy. :) You also both have to go to a notary to sign the documents in this state, which added additional scheduling coordination. But the good news is, it is finally done, and we are thankful to have that behind us!


suzanne said...

Let us know how G does in a big boy bed! We haven't dared it with C yet!

JordanandSue said...

How fun to hear what's going on!! And, a certain little girl seems to have discovered tooting, too. HMM. She says "toot" and then "cooze me." All while giggling hysterically. Ah, the joys of bodily functions :)