Tuesday, November 2

the big switch

So, in light of little Eden who will be needing the crib in a few short (!!) months, we decided it was time to make the switch to the big boy bed! I think probably every child is different, and some parents do it at 18 months, some do it when they're 3. We already had a spare twin bed, so we decided to skip the toddler bed altogether, which is seeming to be no problem. But we felt he was ready, so we first added the bed to his room for a day or so and let him get used to it. He was SO excited about it. In fact, he would run around in circles like he'd just eaten a snickers or something! So then, day #2, we put him in it for nighttime. He's such a great sleeper, and because I felt he was ready, I didn't really anticipate any problems. He was so excited to get in and sleep in it, but as soon as he realized that he was actually expected to sleep in it, he had a small moment of panic and some very sad tears! So he cried for about 20 seconds (mourning the loss of his babyhood, perhaps?!!) and then was out like a light. YAY! I was a little more anxious about naptime, but so far, he's done absolutely great, doesn't get out of bed and sleeps his regular 12.5 hours at night and 2 hour naptime. Double YAY!
I could be wrong, but I feel like we're still reaping the benefits of the sleep-training in his early months. I feel like the kids that I know that were really trained to sleep well in just the first 3-4 months of life, overall seem to make these kinds of adjustments well. Graham, even this young, recogizes when he's tired and wants to go to bed or nap, because he knows that he feels better when he does! Anyhoo............. that's my not-so-subtle babywise plug. :)
We don't have his room completely finished yet, but hopefully I will get to put up some pics sometime of transformation from nursery to little boy room. He is just loving it!
  Notice how his dot blanket somehow made the move from side to pillow. :)
He loves sleeping with his bears and has to account for the 4 he sleeps with before he goes down!
One of my favorite new things is now laying in bed with him for his before bed storytime.
And he ALWAYS wants to sing the b-i-b-i ( also know as the b-i-b-l-e). What's that spell? "bible", he says. Yes, genius, we know. :) :)

Sweet dreams, my little boy, growing up so much!


juliechall said...

funny...my mom taught Brynne's cousin the "B i b l e" and subsequently she taught it to Brynne. Just like Graeme though...it's always the B i b i b i b i...just hate the l e part :) maybe someday. It also cracks me up that they want to yell Bible! at any old random time - we can't always make it to the end. Yay for the big boy bed and for little Eden!

the johnson crew said...

that is really cute. that is great that he is such a good sleeper. Amos has always been and still is a really good sleeper, malachi was an excellent sleeper the first year or so but now he is a terror, doesn't nap well, and always wakes up with a squak super early and is often exploring our house in the middle of the night. jason says he takes after me. :(

great job on the baby wise. i remember looking at the book after some one gave me a copy and i skimmed through it and never realy had time to read it. :) i have heard good things though. however i do think that some kids are easier than others.

that is super cute about the B I B L E. - how exciting to have a new baby coming!

Anonymous said...

How sweet. I can't believe he is so big!!!

Melody said...

Isn't it a little sad when they make that jump? So glad he's doing so well in his big boy bed - I never could imagine having more than one crib so we always switched the girls early. Your babywise plug cracks me up! I do love me some sleep training!!! I do have to say, though, that every kid is so so different, so sleep training looks different from sibling to sibling. Juliana has been the best sleeper, but Addie did make her transition to a bed earlier and did great! Love your picture of him sleeping - so sweet.

kellyH said...

definitely agree from everything I've heard moms say that every child is so different! crossing my fingers that my next child doesn't make an absolute liar out of me. haha!

The Lesters said...

So glad the transition went so smooth! It didn't go so smooth for us but I think that is only because they share a room. So they are always giggling or getting out of bed before they finally go down. I hope Ians transition goes as smooth as Grahams