Monday, November 8

If you need me, I am napping.

Friend #1 has baby
Ladies Bible Study
Church Cleaning
Friend #2 has baby
Move a & k's bedroom upstairs
find poo & pee on the kitchen floor
[Seriously, that's it's OWN story]
Sunday worship
Pastor's wife has baby
Baby shower for coming baby
visit new baby
Finish Graham's "big" room
G falls out of bed for the first time
take dinner to new baby's house
pull a muscle, pain.
baby-sit a toddler who won't.stop.crying :-/
Finish coordinating momtourage event with 50 attendees!
Eat chocolate

The last 3 days have been a little eventful. Seriously, everyone I know is having/had/gonna have babies!

Culminating in a very good thing - Date Night tonight!

*edit* our babysitter had an emergency and had to cancel. Date night: moved to couch. :-/
Bring more chocolate.

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juliechall said...

I have to say my weekend felt something like this - although not quite so crazy. I'm very very sorry to hear about the date cuz I know how much those mean to us! I hope you get another chance soon (and that the next few days are a little slower).
Oh ya - I had my own kiddy poop fun in the tub tonight - so I relate to that too :)