Thursday, November 18


This week my heart is feeling full and so I just thought I'd share...................

*Thankful that my hubby gets to attend the Evangelical Theological Society Conference.
*Thankful that he is having a wonderful time and wonderful fellowship.
*Thankful that Graham is at a fun age where daddy being gone for 3.5 days doesn't put me over the edge. :0
*Thankful for friends to hang out with and a busy schedule this week in which the time is actually going quickly.
*Thankful, no estatic, that we ended up with 2 date nights this week. Monday night & Friday night!
*Thankful for God's daily grace in our lives and getting encouragement exactly.when.needed.
*Thankful for sharing so many giggles with my son. Like when I drop a sock on the floor and he laughs like I am the world's funniest person ever. Yes, you can stay this age forever, little G.
*Thankful for Andrew's job.
*Thankful for my little side jobs of child-care and piano lessons.
*Thankful that after I thought daylight savings time had officially ruined my mornings, G is back to sleeping till 7:30. Those 10 days of 6:30 wake-ups were stressing me out!
*Thankful that after our first little boy destructive incident (G snapping my glasses in two), CoastalContacts.Com was offering a free pair of glasses! What amazing timing, very thankful! (Even though Andrew graciously offered to tape my old ones back together.) :-) And those who know him, know he.wasn't.kidding.
*Thankful for my sweet little family and can't wait to see how Eden fits in.

Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good to us.
Ps. 34:8

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Katie Barker said...

What a great list of things to be thankful for!