Monday, December 27

the car saga............................

So we are on week #3 without our own vehicle. yep, it s.t.i.n.k.s. How much we take for granted being able to hop in the car and run an errand here, hit a sale there, or whatever. oh, and grocery shop. that's a nice thing to be able to do. :)
Well, here's the story. We recently bought a vehicle, [new to us], Ford Escape. We love it. For the few brief weeks we were able to have it anyways! It worked wonderfully for us. Now when we bought it, we knew there was a cracked exhaust pipe, for which they bumped $1000 off the purchase price. We also knew this was a BIG job to complete, but felt because of the deal we were able to find, it was worth it.
Shortly after we bought it, Andrew found out that there is a local Technical Institute at which you can get repair work done for FREE if you provide the parts and work with their schedule, etc....So he was in contact with the instuctor and they finally were able to work our job in. Now this was 2 weeks before Christmas. The instructor was clear about it being a big job, which we knew, but he absolutely refused to give us ANY sort of time frame. That was probably the most frustrating piece of the entire process. Like at least tell us, it's a five day job or it's a 3 week job (the latter was not supposed to happen). :)
The weekend before Christmas we finally are able to get in touch with him again and he let us know that the students were doing a really great job on it and it was really close to being done and oh yes, they all just left for their 2 week Christmas break. Commence: frustration beginning. :-0
We were supposed to head across the state to be with Andrew's family for Christmas. Well, long story, short, we ended up having to rent a car for that trip and now we're back home carless again. The students come back next Monday and the instructor is promising the car will be ready next week.
We have had several very kind friends loan us a vehicle for times that we really needed one and for that we are very, very thankful. Andrew is also able to take the bus to and from work which is another blessing. So Graham and I may be going a little stir-crazy :) (tonight he was asking to go bye-bye!!), but all in all, it's working out. Not the most convenient month of our lives, but hey, if we end up getting this $1000 job for almost free (besides parts), what a huge, huge blessing that is!! Just hoping to have our vehicle home very, very soon. :)


Donna said...

You want to really knock the socks off those student mechanics and the instructor? Take them several plates of homemade cookies to thank them for doing such a big job. :-) Sowing seeds, eh?

Love it. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Donna Heijermans

kellyH said...

I actually left a plate of cookies already in the car for them. :) I was hoping to bribe them into working faster, guess it didn't work. haha! just kidding!

danielle said...

despite this kind of discouraging story ... i'm definitely looking into that the next time we need a car fixed!

hope you get your car soon. :)