Thursday, December 9

Holiday Fun

We are loving the holiday season! And I have a plethora of pics that have been waiting to be shared. :)
This holiday is extra fun because as Graham sees it, kind of for the first time, it is SO fun to see his amazement. He is in love with it all!
He's picked up a lot of new words including snow, snowman, & Christmas tree! And "whoa" has become a much used word as well!
Andrew & I got to take one of our date nights to Pittburgh's Light-Up Night where they officially light up all the trees downtown. It was lots of fun!

I told Graham that daddy was bringing home a tree. He wasn't sure what that meant, but when Andrew brought it into the house he just kept saying "whoa"!
 here he is "helping", of course!

 Next was the annual Christmas Macy's parade. FREEZING, by the way! But Graham just adored it!
 He loves music, so the bands were his fave, especially the drums. After something would pass by that he liked, he kept saying, "again!" Sorry buddy, that's not how it works! We went inside to warm up and his poor hands were like ice, but he actually cried when we left and all the way home he kept saying "more", "again" sad!!
 loves wearing Santa hats!
 3rd and final (so far!) trip downtown to check out the holiday displays!
tree and skating rink
 gingerbread houses and train route
 the coolest tree of all...

 waiting to go on a free carriage ride! again, so cold, but he was a trooper!
 I can't even tell you how much he loved it! The entire time we were on the carriage, he kept saying "ride" over and over again! Now every time he sees a horse he tells me about the ride we took! He just loved it. It was perfect, cozy in the carriage and with snow flurries falling. A perfect family outing!
 Someone's in the Christmas spirit for sure!


jeileenbaylor said...

What fun pictures! Your tree is gorgeous and I just love the pic of Graham sitting on Andrew's back under the tree -cute ;)

Kristin Blumer said...

Sounds like fun! So definitely just made my day ;-). Glad that you all are feeling better!