Monday, December 20

a few favorites.........

I haven't posted many updates about the Gman lately, but here's a few things that I most certainly don't want to forget!
  • I love that when he's doing something fun (like sliding a car down a banister or something), that he tells himself "again" and then does it again!
  • I love that he loves letters and love to hear him at the fridge with his letter magnets saying m, t, p, l, o....and then see that he's saying the right letters!
  • I love that he loves to read and we frequently hear around here - "I read, I read........"
  • I love that he is very into the "K" sound right now and loves to emphasize milk, (s)nack, book......
  • I love that he identifies a "mess" when he sees one! Even though he is often the instigator of the mess, he always takes me to show me the "mess". He also doesn't like to have messy fingers and insists on having them cleaned off then they are a "mess". 
  • I love that instead of the whining & grunting of previously, he has finally gotten the concept of saying "hep" (help) when he is stuck on something.
  • I love hearing him play with his mountain of stuffed animals on his bed after he wakes up.
  • I love that he has started "pretending"! He makes a small whimpering sound and then points to himself and says "baby" (his impression apparently!). He also like to pretend he's a kitty or a bear!
  • I love that he asks for an "orange" at every meal. We're currently eating grapefruit every morning for breakfast! I am so glad his cravings are in sync with his preggo momma's. :)
  • I love that he LOVES doing the Advent Calendar and never lets us forget to do it!   
A few of my non-faves  - lest you think we live in a perfect world - let me assure you, we don't. :)
  • When riding in the car, his current practice is disrobing of his hat, gloves, boots & socks. grrrrrrr....after all the work of putting them all on.
  • After getting the nasty flu, I could barely get him to eat anything for several days! Thankfully, we're getting back on track finally! 
our favorite stocking stuffer.....
Less than 2 months till you're 2 years old!!

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the johnson crew said...

that is so sweet. what a guy! so precious. i love your stocking stuffer!