Wednesday, April 6

another week flies by.....

Eden is 8 weeks!
She seems to have settled into a good routine.
She loves to give us smiles and we love to see them!
Her one major flaw (cuz everyone has to have one :-).....
she had so many nights that she cried from 10pm-1am. Nothing seemed to work at calming her down and getting her to sleep. So very, very thankful that (fingers crossed) I think we've moved past that. I would love for her to sleep from 7-10 pm as well, but we're still working towards that! So she hangs out with mommy & daddy a little extra in the evenings. But I am just thankful  to have her down for the night, minus the 3 hours of crying first. She sleeps 5-7 hours, still varies a little. But only getting up once to feed her in the night is fine by me for now!
She puts up with a lot of shenanigans from her brother, this was probably on her mind. :)
Graham is so loving towards her, but it doesn't mean we don't have to protect her life!
Andrew walked in to find him pushing her as high as she could go in her swing. good gracious!
She also gets smothered in kisses that can easily turn into head-buts. Working on being very gentle...slow...easy.... :)
and Mr. G....the crazy kid himself.
having a newborn is pure sweetness. but having a 2 year old is pure joy.
not that there aren't many, many moments.....days.... of pulling your hair out.....
But seeing life thru a toddler's eyes is one of the best things.
When else are you going to be SO excited to see a fire truck driving down the road....or getting a sucker at the bank is like the best.thing.ever....or getting to go to the zoo or park...
It bring us such JOY to bring joy to Graham. telling him it's a church day or that we get to go to the toy library or storytime or have ice cream....
simply by allowing these little moments, you are a hero in his eyes. Could there be anything better?
Friday night, Andrew & I are taking a G-date to the Pirate baseball game. He is SO, So excited. He talks about it every day and about how dad is going to hit the ball (hope he's not too disappointed.) But we are so excited just knowing how much he is going to love every single moment.
When Papa came to visit, Graham helped me make one of his favorite - rice krispie treats. So now they are forever dubbed "papa treats"!
one of his major not fun things of the moment is early wake-up call!! seriously? the 6's? He has always been a 7:30/8am riser and suddenly, the moment I have a newborn we're hearing him at 6:30/7. ugh. double ugh. I kind of think it's a result of not being outside as much in the cold days and also probably staying home more than he was used to. So hopefully, as the days get warmer he'll be needing that extra sleep again!
thank goodness for books. We have taught him that he can turn on his bedside lamp and read his books until mommy comes for him. He's done it sometime 30-45 minutes on some mornings. thank the Lord for his grace.
pure sweetness and pure joy. that's what keeps you going through the sleeplessness, the diapers, the feedings, the laundry, the dishes, the discipline, and the "I seriously got nothing done today". And really, it's all worth it.


dnkoreny said...

Gorgeous kids. Congrats again.

Tim, Kristen & Megan said...

Definitely understand about big sibling pushing baby sibling really hard in swing, and the roughness and the sweet kisses! Just give it a couple of weeks and she will be watching Graham play. It is so cute how Emily loves watching Megan. And yes, the suckers from the bank are the best too Megan thinks! So glad they are easily entertained!

Melody said...

I can't believe how big she's getting! Happy 8 weeks, E! Love her cheeks ... they just scream for kisses.

Jessica Gardner said...

It seemed like it took a while and was a little hard teaching Carson the idea of being gentle. It will come. I had the hardest time when people think Carson is being bad/vicious - b/c I as a mother just know he's "all boy". :) It will come!!! :)

Rob H said...

Oh, I just love Eden's little chunky cheeks. I feel like I'd want to squeeze them all the time! I also love the toddler days - yes many challenges, but seeing them enjoy the simple of life like you said is so so fun!