Thursday, April 14

coming out the other side

I think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Graham ended up being diagnosed with bronchilitus, an ear infection, and rsv. Eden had bronchilitus, an ear infection, and mild respiratory distress. I ended up taking her to the ER one evening because of her labored breathing as well, but thankfully it evened out and we were able to go home after a few hours.
Friends from church started calling and dropped off several dinners for us this week. What a HUGE blessing that was.
Andrew & I came down with terrible colds as well and Andrew saw the dr. today and has a sinus infection. 
Tuesday night our furnace stopped working and it was c.h.i.l.l.y. But turns out, because of cracked ducts, if it hadn't turned off it could have leaked carbon monoxide thru our house. very scary thought, even though we have detectors.
But TODAY.................... the sun came out and we were able to walk to the park, our furnace got fixed, and everyone seems slowly on their way back to healthy!

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cranny + b said...

I am so HAPPY to hear that you all are on the mend! Steve told me a few days ago about the kiddos and I just felt so badly for you guys! And then to read about you and Andrew not feeling well and the furnace! goodness!

So glad you are doing better--and what a HUGE blessing for the meals. One sweet, sweet family in our church brought us a meal when Graeme was in the hospital and it meant so much to us!