Sunday, April 10

let them be well

We've been attacked! A horrible virus has invaded!
Wednesday night as I was putting Graham to bed he felt really hot to me. Checking his temp - 104.5. whoa! Thursday is stayed around 102 even with consistent advil. Friday morning it was 105.6, so after calling my dr. he said to go ahead and take him to Children's Hospital to get him checked. So, it's 7:30 am, we've just woken up, Andrew is already gone to work, Eden is not awake yet and obviously she is going to need to eat, and we're supposed to head the the emergency room? oh my, that was more excitement than I wanted to start my day with. So thankfully, the dr. said, no problem, feed Eden, get what you need, it will be fine. So I managed to at least get dressed, feed Eden, throw some things in a bag, get G to eat/drink what he would and get us out the door in about an hour.
Several blessings - we have one of the best Children's Hospitals in the country that is less than a mile from our house. It is an amazing place, and guess what? At 8 am, there was absolutely no one at the ER and we were seen immediately!
Also, after feeding Eden, she ended up sleeping the entire time we were there, SO great.
They checked his ears, did some xrays and everything came back negative which was a big praise. They determined it was a virus and we were able to go home. *In xray as they told him they were taking a picture of his belly, he said "cheese" as they snapped the photo. It was a little sad since he was kind of scared about the whole process!
So we're still fighting the fever. Going on 4+ days now, still has been running 102-104 the last 2 days. This morning after meds, it dropped some, so we are praying that maybe we are turning a corner! He also has the absolute worst cold ever. His nose is such a faucet and that's really what's making him the most miserable. I feel like he's become a broken record - "runny nose....runny nose...". :)
Saturday he seemed the worst. He kept asking to take a nap which is NOT normal!
Of course, one of my biggest fears right now is that Eden is going to come down with this. Yesterday she started this barky cough and it was like choking her. And this morning she woke up terribly congested. ugh. We haven't had these sick of kiddos before and it's so sad. Really praying for their healing.
And for mom & dad to stay healthy! Right now I am really, really drained. I didn't realize how much it was taking out of me until yesterday when I began to feel absolutely exhausted. I was able to sneak in a 30 minute nap yesterday which was really helpful. Especially since I've been up since 5am this morning, both kiddos needing alternating attention. :)
So when your little ones are sick and they want you to sit on their little car and eat breakfast with them.......well, you just do. :)
Our babysitter, Kristin, was supposed to stay with us this weekend and watch Eden while we were at the baseball game and then hang out with us for the rest of the time. She so sweetly volunteered to still come and help for the weekend. We still managed to sneak in a little fun like Chinese take-out, frostys and a movie!
So this morning I am at home with the sickies. Eden is napping and graham & I are hanging out on the couch watching Thomas the train. could be worse. :)
One bummer - potty-training was going really well earlier in the week! I even hosted a Pull-Ups Potty Party, courtesy of HouseParty. We've been hearing the Potty Dance song until we're crazy this week. :)

Can I just give one super-awesome note? Eden started sleeping a straight 8-9 hours the last 4 nights! I am so thankful for that! I'll last feed her around 11 and she sleeps till 7:30/8. Last night she slept from 8pm on, with me waking her up to feed at 11pm. She only woke up early this morning because she couldn't breathe well. :-/
God is gracious.
Check out these pop-bead arms. :-)

So hoping the sickies don't set us back to far in the potty or sleeping departments. :)
Thank you to the many people who had been lifting us up in prayer, we sure appreciate it!


Kristin Blumer said...

Oh the potty dance... that was... interesting ;)
I'm glad I could help out a little!
hope everyone gets to feeling better :)

Jessica Gardner said...

Oh,I'm so sorry!!! We had a bad bout of sickness between all of use earlier, so I completely understand!!!! I'll be praying it leaves soon!!!