Tuesday, April 26


So I've never been a fan of the baby carriers. I've tried the carriers and the slings and {maybe because I have giant children}, they all strained my back so badly. But before Eden was born, a friend of mine gave me this ERGO carrier. I was skeptical and figured I just pass it on to someone else if I didn't love it, but turns out - it's amazing! All the weight is supported by the belt around your waist and it doesn't strain my back at all. Best of all, it converts about 10 different ways, including being able to carry them on your back (when they're older). The price is not awesome, these things are crazy expensive. My friend was SUPER sweet to give it to me! But I would definitely recommend looking into them if you're in the market for a carrier.
Graham's newest love is taking pictures.
He started out being really into self portraits, so we have about 20 versions of this shot on our camera. :)

 now he's getting into the abstract......?
 everyone knows there is plenty of ocd in our house :)
 a great Easter!
 8 people officially joined our church after seeing 4 of them baptized on Saturday night!!
We had a great Sunday service followed by lunch with friends.

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cranny + b said...

I completely agree 100%! the Ergo is the. best! They are very popular here.

So glad you guys are doing well and had a great Easter--love the self-pics by G!