Monday, May 2


It is so fun watching Graham learn how to talk, communicate, put sentences together. There is such a big difference from them learning single words to putting complete thoughts together. You certainly get a lot of funnies out of them!! It's almost sad when they start talking correctly. =)

Some of his favorites -
A play me? {come play with me}. We hear this a lot!

Up Dad, work. {pick up dad from work}

A few minutes. (basically, let me play a few more minutes!}

The other night Andrew was telling him "jokes". He would tell him something, then laugh hysterically. Graham thought it was the funniest thing! So now he is always asking us to tell him jokes. One day I told him, "why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the worm." Hysterical, I know. :-) A few days later, he asked for jokes again and I said, "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the egg." No, no, no, he says, to get to the worm! haha!
We've also tried to teach him "knock, knock, who's there". The we'll say the cow or the orange or the whatever (believe me, our "jokes" are random and don't really make sense!)
So now he says, "knock, knock, {us - who's there?} then he'll  list the whole menagerie....a cow, a chicken, a duck....there's a lot of animals are the door apparently.

I am also amazed at how he is starting to know his way around. If he thinks we're driving home, but then we pass our turn he'll start questioning me "home? home?" The other day we went to pick up Andrew and I took a different route and the whole time he was saying "pick up dad? pick up dad?"
This is the craziest - we haven't walked to the park since the fall. It's about 3/4 of a mile from our house. It finally warmed up enough to walk there one day. As soon as we came to the street to turn down, he started saying "park! park!" {We hadn't told him we were going to the park.} And seriously, it had been like 6-7 months!

Some of the other things that we like to hear him say -


Oh boy.

Oh Yeah.

Look! {if he thinks you're not paying close enough attention!}

My's. {it took us a while to get this one since it sounds like "mice". But then we realized he often hears that's mommy's or daddy's. So it's only logical for it to be "my's". =}

Graham Hughes. {This is a big one because one thing we didn't know {not that it would have probably mattered!} was that he wouldn't be able to say the "gr" sound for a very long time! The poor guy can finally say his own name. Poor grandma & grandpa got the shaft too. :}

He likes to name things by colors now. Look mom, a purple bus or a black bike....

Somehow he counts better from 7-12 then he does 1-7. :)

He's actually starting to read some basic words. It's crazy to me! And totally to Andrew's credit as he first made this discovery.
He loves to color right now and has some blank paper to write on. Andrew was writing some basic words for him and when we go back to them, he still reads them right! He can read mom, dad, graham, eden, baby, mama, papa, dog, cat, ball.....this boy loves his letters for sure!

The other day Andrew & I were singing & dancing to some music that was on. He was sitting on the couch and got such an annoyed look on his face and kept saying "stop! stop!" Which meant, of course, that we kept doing it. Our first seriously nerdy parent moment. It's quite funny when your 2 year old looks embarrassed of you. Now we know why parents do those things. =)

And there's so many other funnies....basically the child has not stopped talking since the day he finally learned. and they say girls are the big talkers. But if Eden gives HIM a run for his money, I may go insane. =)
But we love our goofy sweet little Gman!

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Bethany Heijermans said...

How adorable! Graham must keep you quite entertained with all his funniness!