Sunday, May 22

in the words of Graham: "fun!"

A busy few days! We had several events that we had been looking forward to..............didn't quite realize they were all going to be packed into one weekend!
On Friday night, Andrew & I got to go see West Side Story at the Benedum Theatre. What a beautiful theatre and it was a great show!

On Saturday, we went to the Touch-A-Truck event. They bring in 20-30 vehicles {everything from fire trucks & ambulances to tractors & dump trucks} and the kids can look through them, "drive", honk the horns....... It's a little boy's dream for sure. =)
 with his buddy, Zephyr

Iceburgh, the Penguins mascot

On Sunday we took Graham to a Pirates baseball game. He has been talking about it for weeks and was so excited! Well, we had to go to church first, but he was still ready. :) 
It has been raining non-stop here in the 'burgh. :(
So to have 2 days with outdoor events and have 2 warm, sunny days was SO great!

Graham just loved the game! He did great through the whole thing.
   The stadium has such a beautiful spot!
I'm so thankful we've reached an age where skipping his nap is not the end of the world.
However, it only took him 5 seconds to fall asleep in the car. :)  
It was strange to be without our baby girl! We were very happy to see her, but know that her day was much better being taken care of at home by Kristin.

The past 2 days, Graham kept looking at me and saying "this is fun!"
Yes it was my little man.....and now for a little rest! :)


Kristin Blumer said...

I love her Minnie outfit ;)

pgh moms said...

I'm glad you pulled it out, that mini polka dot skirt is too cute. =)