Tuesday, May 10

*blink* 3 months

At her 2 month appt. she was 13 lbs! I don't think anyone's guessing if she's getting enough to eat. =)
She recently discovered her fingers and is a big fan!
Unfortunately this also means we're saying hello again to slobber. ugh.
 She adores her playmat and has just started grabbing at the danglers.
When I lay her down on the mat, she immediately starts smiling like she's greeting old friends.
First ceiling fan experience + leopard pants = a good day.

She has taken to a day schedule beautifully. I had heard about those children that "fall into a schedule", but with Graham I had to work at it a lot! She loves her routine. After she's been awake for an hour, she's like an alarm clock that immediately lets me know it's naptime. :)
She usually wakes around 8am (usually has a morning eat around 5:30/6)
awake for one hour.
naps 9-11:30.
awake hour and a half.
naps 1-2:30/3.
{SO thankful to have both kiddos on the same nap schedule!}
next nap is usually on the go, either in the car or in the stroller.
eats at 5:00.
naps, usually in the swing, 6-6:45.
eats around 7.
bedtime around 7:30.
and then the craziness begins. :)
She cannot seem to figure out what she wants to do between 8-11pm. She seems to want to be awake. I seem to want her to be asleep. She usually eats at 7, 9, 11. It can be very tiring!
She has done a LOT of crying during these hours. After 3 months, I thought we would have gotten past this mostly. I'm still not sure exactly what to do. But I am really weary of being up until 11:30 every night, that's for sure! Once she finally goes down for the night, she usually will sleep 6-8 hours, it's still varying some. I felt like at 7 weeks she was getting into a really good nighttime routine and then we had that long crazy sickness and she started right back at square one. So I am not sure if that's what has set her back or what, but still hoping she will soon "fall into" a good nighttime routine very soon!
 Graham likes to hold her hand. She's not as in to it. :)
yep, this is a 6 month outfit. We kind of blew right past the 3 month clothes. :-/
You're not going to share a little of that smoothie, buddy?!
belly sleeper!

 I am just cherishing this sweet baby stage so much more this time around. I think it's just so much easier that I CAN enjoy it! Or maybe it's because my girly is definitely way more cuddly & snuggly that my boy ever was. She loves her mama for sure. =) The hardest thing about having two is that I am definitely twice as sleep-deprived as having one. There is no "sleep when baby sleeps"! So I am greatly looking forward to getting a full night's sleep again, but for now, kissing those giant chubber cheeks keeps me going. =)
Happy 3 months, baby girl!


Anonymous said...

Graham and Eden are so sweet together! I can't believe she's already 3 months. How wonderful that she has a predictable schedule. Hope all is well for the four of you--thanks for the posts!

JordanandSue said...

Oh, that pic of Graham and Eden holding hands is ADORABLE. His grin is so cute! She is changing so much and looking less and less like a newborn :( I'm sure you do want to cherish every moment. So glad you're enjoying it, though it's tiring. I'm glad she's still putting in a good sleep stretch for you, once she does fall asleep!
Hmm... I seem to remember a certain little girl in this house giving me that run for a while... :)