Monday, July 11

1, 2, 3, 4....five

yes, our little lady is 5 months old!
She is such a joy to our family. SO sweet.
She is very joyful and is so patient when she often gets plopped down for some emergency with her brother. :) Whoever thought babies were high-maintenance? I would suggest 2 year olds are much more demanding. =)
She has really started to giggle this month.
Baby laughs are just the best!
She randomly laughs out loud when Graham or daddy are around. I guess she finds them very amusing!
when daddy is on duty, all I can say is....I'm sorry. :)
 After many, many ups & downs, sickies, vacays, moving......
I think we are finally at the 12 hour sleep to stay! Praise God! I don't mind helping them get to the long nights, but when you have to do it over and over and over again....whew, that is wearying. I felt like it wasn't her fault at all, she tried to start the long stretches at 7 weeks. And then the craziness hit for the next months. Poor girl!
She sleeps 7-7:30 now, yay! She naps for 1.5-2 hours in the morning and usually 2-3 hours  in the afternoon. So thankful for a good napper so far!
She is staying well fed {can you tell}!
 I am so thankful that she is a great eater. She's not into bottles so much, but then she's only had about 4 of them in her life, so I guess that's expected. :) 
16 lbs, 25 inches at her 4.5 month appt. 90/95th percentiles. =)
Also at her well visit, the dr. thought he heard a hip click, so she had to have an ultrasound done. But very thankfully, all is well & normal with her hips!
She has started to be very interested in what I'm eating! I'm just so not ready to start the whole solid thing with her yet.
She can't be that grown up. :-/
She has had a few tiny bites of couscous, licked some smoothie off my finger, and sucked on a carrot, peach & a I guess we'll be there in not too long!
 Trying out her new suit.
She stuck her toes in the fountains at the spray park. :)

Graham has been really sweet with her lately. He likes to give her hugs and play with her. She loves to be entertained by watching him.
I still have to keep an eagle eye. Like when he calmly announces to me that he gave the baby a raisin.
oh mercy.
thankfully it was in the roof of her mouth!
She loves him.
a lot.
thankfully he thinks it's funny when she pulls his hair.
Probably also a good thing that she's staying pretty bald so far. :)
 did I mention she rolls over now? She's lately taking longer to fall asleep because she likes to roll, flip, and all kinds of fun things in her crib. =)
and she's getting closer to sitting! Still needs some pillow support, but it won't be too long!
These 2 kiddos keep me on my toes all day!
love 'em.


Jessica Gardner said...

I hear ya with the whole "keeping me on my toes" my two keep me hopping too! But it's so fun as they start to interact!!! I feel like I'm already hitting the "fighting" stages sometimes. OH BOY! I'm so happy to hear she sleeps so good!

jeileenbaylor said...

SWEET pictures!