Thursday, July 7

boys nite out

We have a serious sports fanatic in our house!
I think most boys seem to really be drawn to playing with balls, but somehow I feel like Graham has a serious passion! Andrew & I obviously love sports and both played multiple sports through high school & college and then mostly did tennis & running once we were married. But since having kiddos, we have not played much of anything! Andrew enjoys watching sports on tv, but doesn't even have the chance to do that on a regular basis. However, all it takes is for Graham to see one game and he is hooked! He watched one of the World Cup soccer games (that was 6 months ago? more?). It was the only time he's ever seen a soccer game, but somehow knows exactly what to do with a soccer ball. He recently saw a tennis match, so that is a new love. He watched one round of golf and now has to wear a visor (his "golf" hat) every time he is "playing".
His typical morning involves asking me to play golf, baseball, soccer, tennis, bowling and maybe frisbee with him. Is this the case for other moms?!
The Steeler & Pirate Stadiums are along the river here in Pittsburgh and every time we get close to the river he begins talking about them! Since our move, we drive past both stadiums quite frequently and he loves it! I get asked non-stop if we can go to a game.
(where did he learn that?!)
Andrew & I took him to a game at the beginning of the season and he just loved it. So Andrew came home yesterday and announced it was game night for the boys!
Daddys have to wait so long for their kids to be able to go and do fun activities with them. I know it's a hard wait and that they love when it can finally happen!
Graham was very excited about his backpack. :)

calling for a ball. he calls guys "the manz".
He told me the manz were throwing the balls. :) 

 watching the "tv" as he calls it.
offering to share his snack with daddy
he did have to go to the bathroom 4 times.
 welcome to my world, honey. =)

Andrew said it was a perfect night!


Amy said...

looks like they had great seats!

Jessica Gardner said...

wow! how fun! I think Carson is right on the verge of this. He isn't into sports as much as throwing any ball all th etime. But he does kick now! He loves Golf too. But he really doesn't stick to anything for any length of time. Richard cannot wait to take him golfing though. :)

JordanandSue said...

I love the "manz!" That's adorable :)