Tuesday, July 5

fourth fun

So this is one holiday I don't have to decorate for.
Apparently the older gentleman who lived here before us, really liked red, white, & blue. And painted every rock, brick & stump in our yard in those colors. It is colorful! (not to mention patriotic.) =)

from the back, our house looks giant! (it actually has 2 basements so it's not as big as it appears.)
{For friends from the Beach, it reminds us a lot of our house there!}
 Andrew found this plastic dog in the yard. It looked so realistic that at first, he thought it was a dead dog. :-/
Apparently it's getting a bath.
 G loves it, since the poor child is deprived of a real animal. =)

 We were invited to friends for a cookout, but since it involved skipping naps we decided it could be very BAD for heading to the fireworks! So we grilled at home and had a great relaxing day.

 I am just realizing my laundry load is about to triple.

 We've eaten dinner on our deck every night since moving in.
We love the view!
Some of the flowers currently blooming in our yard.............
this is my kind of landscaping - no maintenance required. :)

do we look ready for fireworks or what?
 We joined some friends and watched from the West End overlook - 5 minutes from our house!
 Graham covered his ears & eyes most of the time.
Eden watched the entire show, enthralled.  

 *somebody* is quite wide awake for 10 pm!
(yes, I do mean me.)
a fun holiday, that 4th of July is!

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