Monday, July 25


baby girl has been dying to eat some food. A {slightly older} lady in my church was just telling me that when her kids were little, her Dr. had them starting on cereal at 6 weeks. I can't even fathom that! 5.5 months seems to be a good point for us.
 Eden always wants to sit on my lap during meal times to partake in whatever scraps she can beg. =) A few days ago, she was going to town on a stick of green pepper. I know the real food challenges start when they start "real" food, so I definitely can't declare her a foodie. But my kids were both excited at the new venture of eating!

hmmm....what do we have here?
let me just check this out.

big smiles for G, as always. :)
the spoon is most fun of all.
look, mom, no hands.
the shirt didn't survive for little miss sunshine.
I don't think she cared.  
and then Graham decided it was snack time.
maybe this is why I feel a large portion of my day
is feeding one or the other. =)


JordanandSue said...

Oh, that's adorable! She's getting so big. What a cutie pie!

AnneB said...

adorable! And yes, food is a wonderful addition....but it does seem that the prep, service, and cleanup are never ending! Especially when they all go through growth spurts at different times:) Crazy how much these little people can put away!