Friday, November 4

circus fun!

A company had contacted me about doing promos (through the Pgh Momtourage) about the circus for them, so we were fortunate enough to be given tickets in exchange!
We were all very excited take in the Ringling Bros./Barnum & Bailey show!
Held at the arena where the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL hockey) play.
Little Miss wasn't sure about it. Of course it was starting right at her bedtime. :-/ She did pretty well and eventually fell asleep which was good for all of us. :)
The pre-show where you can go on the floor and see some of the performers.  
yep, Dumbo is painting. :)
Graham's favorite was definitely the elephants, but he said the stiltwalkers were his 2nd favorite.

G wasn't sure about all the crowd, so he decided to take in the pre-show safely in his seat. :)
I swear though, he sat in this seat without moving for about 2.5 hours. He was totally enthralled.
Star-spangled banner in the beginning which seemed kind of funny! 
So many acts.........from acrobats to clowns to tigers to motorcyles to trapeeze to dancers and other crazy things. A really fun show! 
The elephants definitely steal the show though.
They are amazing and they seriously look like they are enjoying themselves.
I had no idea an animal weighing that much could have some sweet dance moves. :) 

 We were also given this commemorative book which was perfect.
Filled with pictures from the show which is so great to help Graham remember all of it! 
This is pretty much what he has been doing the last few days! 
If you have a chance to go, definitely take it!
Next promo: we get to check out the Harlem Globetrotters in December!
I like my job. A lot.
{Andrew does too.} =)

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