Sunday, November 27

gift shopping with FREE shipping for you.

Just a reminder that only a couple of days left in November to take advantage of the free shipping!!

Check out this fun site - The Land of Nod
(parent company: Crate & Barrel).
They are offering FREE shipping on TONS of items, with prices starting at only 95 cents!
Head to their site and click on All Free Shipping to see everything they're shipping for free!
Graham would love one of these zippy cars with the
ingenius handle design. :)
the perfect gift for grandma & grandpa
this should keep a toddler occupied for a bit! 
Little Miss Sunshine or Chatterbox or Giggles or Trouble.......
take your pick, only $3.99 each!

perfect for little hands
and what? no piles of peeled paper left behind? :)

 Soft, crumble-free clay is all natural and washable. Colored with turmeric, carmine and spinach, and scented with strawberry, lemon and lime.
  • Contains soy and wheat
  • Made of flour, water, salt, soybean oil, cream of tartar, natural glycerin, natural scent extracts, natural colors (turmeric, carmine and spinach) and calcium propionate
  • No chemical dyes or additives
teaching time

only $3.95! 
also only $3.95 for this shapes & shadows flashlight fun! 
it's just too cute.  
I do have a softness in my heart for textiles.....these next ones take the cake!

Nod chairs, perfect reading nooks.  
mister 'stache could not be more handsome.  
awesome neutral baby bedding.
lovin' the rosettes.  

they call these "judy garlands". nice. :)

So there you have some of my faves.
Go take advantage of that free shipping, only through the month of November!
And thanks in advance if you find something to purchase. =)


Suzanne said...

I was just at one of these stores and fell IN LOVE with it. I made a mental note for some Christmas gifts. Free shipping is awesome! Now I wont have to make another trip out there. Oh, and Chase just got that green car for his birthday and he LOVES it.

kellyH said...

ohhhh I would love to actually see the store! We don't have one around here. I can see a lot of little boys loving that car, glad to hear it is as fantastic as it looks. happy shopping! =)