Thursday, November 10


3 months away from turning 1! 
{Though it's actually harder for me to believe that means Graham will be turning 3!)
Cheesy smile as always. :)
Here's what baby girl has been up to:
loves to chew on this foam 3, I guess it feels good on her teeth.
And why not while she pages through the latest Anthropolgie catalog?
Children's Hospital 3 am. Croup.
Graham didn't get his first cold until he was 11 months old. Eden has been to Children's twice in her young life. Ah the joys of being socialized much more. :-/
Thankfully after treatment, she improved quickly.
Standing! When Graham started cruising around at 8-9 months, we thought he'd be walking soon. Didn't take his first steps until his first birthday. So when Eden started cruising, we thought, no big deal, we've got a while. And then she decided she was ready to stand on her own! So who knows with this determined girl!
She loves all things shiny & my jewelry! She can barely focus enough to eat if I'm wearing a necklace!
Her new favorite tricks are blowing, clapping, and waving. She is very excited about them.
Not much new news to report for the night sagas. Last week she had begun sleeping until 4am, I would feed her and then she'd sleep until 7 or 8. Honestly, I would take that any day! The croup hit and topsy-turvy we go again. She's wanted to eat at 11:30pm & then 2am before she settles in for the night. Last night it was 2am & 5:30am. The unpredictability is what kills me! My dr. said I could start giving her cow's milk if she would take it (nope!) and just feed her a regular diet. She is eating tons of great foods from chicken to cheese to produce to meatballs to yogurt......she is a champion eater and for that I am very grateful! For now, I am just trying to go with it and hope that the day is coming when she's settles back in to her nights.
Her top 2 teeth are coming in any second!
Her favorite place in the world to be is under the computer. So many fun cords! :-/
For all the night struggles we've had, she is really a sweet girl and a good napper by day. I am so thankful that our days are very predictable & fairly smooth. (you know, as much as can be with a baby & a toddler!)
Graham is loving it as she gets more interactive with him! He still rolls on top of her, I've come to see that's probably a boy thing that is not going to change. She has started to get vocal about it when he's doing something she doesn't like. Let the tattling begin. Oh dear....................
our Halloween monkeys
getting pumpkins!
We love this girl to pieces, crazy nights & all! Love the family God has given us to steward.
Happy 9 months, our Eden-girl!
What tricks do you have up your sleeve for us this month?
We can't wait to see! :)

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