Monday, November 21

the sibs: all dolled up

Free coupon for Sears why not!
But how do you choose just one?!

 might be my fave............... =)
(of course we had to have a lip bash days before!)

 4pm has always been the best picture-taking time for us.
Post-naps, post snacks.....they're ready to go. :)
Graham has always done pretty well when taking pics......but this time he was purposefully hammin' it up!


anything possible turns into a drum!

and how about a little shout-out to Snuggleluv where I found the snazzy headband, tie, & fedora. =)


The Lesters said...

Love them! So cute. And Eden's dress is so pretty.

JordanandSue said...

Oh, my. Those pics are adorable!! The kids are pretty adorable, too :) That's going to be a tough choice!

jeileenbaylor said...

Oh my word - they all turned out beautifully! I love where she is pulling the hat off his head - hha!