Thursday, July 26

1+ years and a little change. again. + backyard fun.

We have now been in our home just over a year. How thankful we are for it. It is not without it's inconveniences or things we'd like to change....but so much to be thankful for.
Interesting that just over a year ago our current home was becoming too small for our growing family. And then Andrew's day job moved from Downtown (Strip District) across the river to Greentree. Subsequently, God opened perfect doors for an easy transition to our new home. 1.3 miles from Andrew's work and (unbeknownst to us at the time) ended up being about 2 miles from our church.
A few weeks ago we received word that Andrew's office was being transferred back to the Strip. AGH! We are bummed that he can no longer walk to work and must take the bus. And I now have to plan my afternoons to be available to pick him up in the afternoon......
but we are thankful to live near a great busline and that we can continue to get by on only one vehicle. And hey, I never need to much convincing to stop by the Strip where I can pick up produce, fresh meat or fish, Pittsburgh Popcorn, coffee from Fortune's, my choice of 500 cheeses, or any Steelers gear I could imagine. :)
One of things we most love about our home is our backyard. And one of its best traits is that it is fully shaded until around noon. Most summer mornings I am sure we would not want to be out there if it was in direct sunlight.
Eden mostly wants to be pulled around the yard in the wagon.
Which is a good little core workout for mommy. :)
We have also greatly enjoyed our first garden this summer! Andrew has put much hard work into it. We haven't gotten a ton of produce, but kind figured we might not in the first year. A lot of gardeners seem to tell us that each year can be hit or miss anyways.
The plants are certainly thriving! We have gotten a few zucchini & cucumbers.
 A LOT of tomatoes have appeared, but they are all green at the moment. So I am hoping they make a turn for red where I am sure tomato will be included in every dish. :)
 Lettuce = success! I have not had to buy store lettuce for quite a while now.
Talk about fresh & organic - this stuff is so yummy!
Snippet from a backyard gathering........
 I am sure most people would not have given a second glance to this chair on the side of the road....for good reason. Not Handy Andy.
 A little reconstructive surgery.........
 and a pop of orange..........we finally have our wish for an Adirondack chair!
(Andrew also built the stump benches which I love.)
Anyone want to stop by for s'mores? =)
 This looks like double trouble.
This is probably getting much longer than it should be....but I have few moments to share and too many memories I want to save. :)
Here's hosting a friend's recent baby shower..............
a car/truck theme for coming baby boy (who arrived last week!)
little "cars" atop mini cheesecakes
print-outs from Etsy
of course we needed little mustache cups :)

Thankful for our home, especially outdoor space, for however long we get to have it.
We have not forgotten what's it is like to be without it.


The Lesters said...

Love all the pictures and that baby shower looked precious! =) You are very blessed. =)

cranny + b said...

amen! Us too!

Will pray, when God brings it to my mind, that the details for the job location swap will work out smoothly!

ps-- yes! let's skype soon! :)