Tuesday, July 10

An extra special 4th of July

I am slightly belated in posting.....better late than never, I guess.
Andrew & I started our holiday early (as a late anniversary celebration). On July 3rd we were able to head out for the night, the entire night (!) & next morning. It'd been 18 months since we'd had Eden's "babymoon" it was lovely to have some extra time for just the 2 of us. Ironically Kristin did our babysitting both times. Whatever will we do when she leaves for Liberty this fall?!
We booked a hotel thru priceline and got it for less than 1/2 price - yay! We spent the evening walking, walking and more walking. We love that - reminds us of our trips in NYC & DC where we'd spend 12 hour days walking! We started out in Station Square where our hotel was, walked thru Market Square where we stopped for dinner, and on to the North Shore.
The Ragatta was going on and we caught some of the boat races.

Seeing a Pirates games from the outside


our hotel

 beautiful night

As we were taking one more walk in the morning, I suddenly started cracking up. I realized we were wearing the exact same outfit (we're both wearing khahi shorts too). Ironically I had packed for both of us. Oh well, happy birthday America. :)  
and then it was off to the fireworks....
both kids have flags, though Graham couldn't keep his still long enough for a photo. :)

I did break down & buy G a light up sword which he loved.
it was an amazing display (and no, this is not my photo!)

Somebody was a little tired the next day. :)


cranny + b said...

How fun! So glad you were able to get away and yes! Those fireworks are AMAZING!

jeileenbaylor said...

WOW! Sounds and looks like so much fun :) I love all of the fun pictures and the sweet boy sleeping at the end :) I missed the fireworks for sure this year!