Monday, July 16

amusement park fun

Andrew & I have never been to an amusement park since we've been married. He doesn't like many rides and we've never really made the effort to go. Our local amusement park, Kennywood, found out we had never been there and decided it would invite us to be their guests. I love doing promotions for the Momtourage. :)
I had been offered quite a while ago and we were waiting for an open Saturday so we could all 4 go. Not easy to find. We finally had one, but there was 60% chance of thunderstorms. We decided to chance it and it turned into the perfect evening. No rain and slightly cooler with a breeze.
One thing we found out, amusement park admission is expensive! It might not have been worth it to pay 80 bucks for Andrew & I, considering we didn't go on any of the big rides.
 But free definitely works. :) Maybe next time we'll go alone or with other adults!
Graham had the time of his life.
He is not known as a risk-taker, but he is definitely getting more adventerous in the ride department which I am happy to see!
 Eden is our risk-taker, though unfortunately there were only 2 rides that I could ride with her on.
But let me tell you, she giggled the entire time. She loved it.
Graham decided this little turtle roller coaster was everyone's favorite.
We rode it several times!
 Even brave enough to raise his hands. :)
 Another benefit of mostly staying in "Kiddieland" was absolutely no lines. Graham didn't have to wait more than 3 minutes for any ride. That makes everyone happy. :)
This was the only ride they had to stand in line for, it was a 'big person' ride. It zipped around pretty fast! The boys loved it.

 Eden's other ride - the carousel. It also went pretty fast - G has a death grip on that pole. :)
They both loved it.
 Waiting to take a train ride.
 Mommy has a little weakness for the occasional cotton candy.
The kids were quite gleeful about that.

 Eden did very well considering she spent a lot of time chillin' while Graham did rides!
wow, this ride is intense!
Would you like to be one of those little kicking feet?
Andrew says NO, I say maybe. :)
We had the best family night together - so much fun!
Kennywood is a great park, I think we might have to make it a yearly event. :)

As we're driving out of the parking lot, Graham says with a sigh.......I miss Kennywood.
Sign of a good time. :)


Anonymous said...

'I miss Kennywoord' -- what a riot he is! :)

cranny + b said...

my last comment showed up as by "Anonymous"-- but it's me! I don't know why my name didn't come up?!

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