Monday, July 2

Just some random G & E

No specific reason for this post other than I love my kiddos and they make me laugh.
A lot.
{They sometimes make me crazy}
but mostly they make me laugh.
Eden is our typical 2nd-born I have no fear child.
She had discovered that jumping from the ottoman to the couch is the best fun.
The giggles that ensue are priceless.
 Almost 17 months and growing up so fast!
We FINALLY have a first word: ball.
Yes, the same first word as G - apparently they are popular around our house. :)
She still is not interested in saying much else so I've taught her a few more signs.
Like the one for feed me......which I now get a lot.
Growing children!
 bed head and some curious george sticker fun.
And new jam jams made by Grandma Teresa!

 This girl creates about 10x the amount of work for me that Graham ever did! Whether it's empying out a cabinet or dipping her entire head in yogurt *sigh* this girl is high maintenance. :)
I guess I don't need to use conditioner on today's bath.
 Reaching out to smear a little yogurt on the camera lense? Check.
 Breakfast smoothie.
 G playing baseball with his cousins.
Camped out. About the only time I've seen her suck her thumb outside her crib. She must have been tired. :) 
Our neighbors getting some work done provided some nice morning entertainment.
How thankful we are that our backyard is entirely shaded through at least noon!

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