Wednesday, September 19

A week away (aka vacay)

We had a great week in Whitakers, NC with Andrew's parents.
In a town of 500 you don't have many options except to relax. :)
G & E adored the time with their Mama & Papa.

3 gens of Hughes men

I didn't even realize until seeing it on facebook that G was in this pic too. :)
 They borrowed this waterslide from a friend, it was hours of fun!
Although Eden preferred something a little more her size. :)

This little chair was passed on to them from their cousins, they love it.
 The children's Museum was hard work!

Her stethoscope is ready, if needed.

 Taking advantage of willing babysitters - we got a date night.
We ate at this delicious Mexican place.
 Did I mention relaxing?
Andrew decided to whip dinner together and between the glazed pork chops, spiced corn and apples in cinnamon & butter, Graham declared he should cook more often.
I concur.
Heartily. :)

Thankful for the time to refresh & relax - it was a lovely week!

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