Thursday, September 20

family favorites

Recently we spent a loooong rainy day inside. Lots of games, crafts, baking, and playtime. At 5pm, as we were playing another game of Connect Four, I had one eye on the clock waiting for the Mister to get home. I figured Graham was probably thinking when will this day be over as well.
Instead he puts his arm around me and says, I just love playing games with you. This was a great day, wasn't it?
I was clearly reminded that my kids favorite thing is my attention & love.  And they have no greater joy. Those days may feel long sometimes, but they are precious and I relish them as these fleeting days are so quickly gone.
Even if it means playing Go Fish, again. ( smile ) .

 You've all been there, right?
 Graham made us use the bungy cord as a seat belt.
Yes, it's safety first for my firstborn. :)
I { heart } my family.


::The Beetle Shack:: said...

love this. Its amazing how much our kids just thrive on our time and our closeness to them.

What a beautiful reminder.

xo em

kellyH said...

so true, thank you for stopping by! :) love your new giveaway!