Monday, September 24

my new best friend

After trying to fit in running in the evenings this summer (and finding it very challenging), I knew without a double jogger (so I could run with my kiddos) my fitness goals were going to be very hard to meet. I began praying that God would allow me to find one in a great price range. These seem to be hot commodities, so even on Craig's list the good ones go very fast or were listed at much more than I wanted to pay. A couple weeks ago I went to one of those huge area consignment sales and headed straight to the stroller section. There, before my very eyes, was the exact type of stroller I was looking for. At literally less than half the price of any I had seen, even on Craig's list.
Thank you, God.
It has been so great to have. It is very easy to push & maneuver, even with 65+ lbs. of children in it. :)  We have gone on several family runs together with the 4 of us and had so much fun. Graham will get out and sprint for about 20 feet and then hop back in "I'm exhausted...".  :)
My kids now ask me every day if we can go for a run.
Talk about a little motivation. :) 
I am also able to meet my friend Bethany one morning a week and run with her.  
So thankful for how God provides & cares for every aspect of our lives!
{ The North Shore is definitely my favorite place to run. }

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