Friday, September 7

to the beach

We had a great weekend in VB. We loved staying in "our" old house....seems forever ago that this view was our backyard. :) It was so great to be with the Joyces and spend time with some very good friends there from our seminary days.
 Do you see a little passenger? That's one way to get 'em to the beach. :)
 Works far better than a stroller, I tell ya.
 Noah & Marshall have grown & changed so much in the last year! But they were still the same sweet kids who freely shared all their stuff and were so sweet to G & E. Graham had the best time with them. He also decided to call Marshall "Josh" all weekend......because "he likes it".  And get other kids to as well. Did I mention they were such good sports?

We hope the beach is in our future next summer as well! :)

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