Friday, November 7

Facebook Update

Apparently the problem with facebook is that Andrew & I share a joint page under Andrew N Kelly. The email I received back is that a facebook page is for individual use only. I know lots of other couples that share a page, so I am not sure if they just started cracking down on this or what. I am still hoping they'll give us back our account unscathed! Another thing I learned is that facebook does not do any over the phone support. I actually received a phone number for them, but when I called they said they will only do support through email. What a pain! If I could just talk to someone on the phone I could probably get this resolved in 5 minutes. Instead I have to send emails, wait days for a response, send a reply, wait days for a response...!!
So...joint users out there...beware...they may be coming after you next!

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party of eight said...

what a pain in the rear!