Monday, November 3

Saturday was a beautiful day! We took advantage of being able to spend some time outdoors.
It was quite the competition...we'll just say Andrew won a dollar. :)

Sunday night was our church's annual Fall Festival held at the Hunt Club Farm. We love this event! great fellowship, great food, great weather, funny was fun!

we love our church family!!

and love those s'mores!

Preggers Update...

If you have been watching the "ticker" you will notice that this week I have officially entered my 3rd trimester, 27 weeks! It is hard to believe that I'm in stage 3 of 3! But it is also hard to believe that we still have to wait 3 months until we meet our little guy! He seems like so much a part of our world already. I'm definitely packing on the lbs. now...but it's for a good cause! I am still rejoicing every day that I am pain-free from the sciatica and so thankful I have not have any repeats of that. I am feelin' good and lookin' large. :~)


Tim & Kristen said...

Glad you had a great weekend..enjoy all of those for the next 13 or so weeks! Very cute prego picture.

jeileenbaylor said...

You look gorgeous kelly! Not too much longer and you will get to meet him - isn't it so exciting?

skB said...

you stop it right now--you do not look large! You look great! :)