Monday, November 10

For some down time...

Andrew & I rented a very interesting movie this weekend (I think it's one of the first documentaries I have watched all the way through!) ~ Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed. It is about the battle that is going on in our country for those who advocate Intelligent Design to at least have a voice to bring up their questions. Currently, leading scientists and professors who bring up these discussions are being fired, ostracized, and excluded from the science community. It is currently available in Redbox where you can rent it for only $1! We love Redbox! Learn more about the movie here. We highly recommend it. You will be shocked at what you learn.

Mark Mathis, associate producer of EXPELLED, said, "I really hope that this helps the professors, researchers and other scientists who we met during the production of the film. Ultimately, this is a movie about freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry and the way that academic elites are trying to muzzle those that dare to question the Darwinian orthodoxy. EXPELLED exposes these self appointed gate keepers and calls upon all Americans to stand up and say enough is enough."


skB said...

Kelly--we really have been wanting to see this! Thanks for the nudge:)

suzanne said...

I've heard about this movie and want to see it. I didnt' realize I could get it at the Redbox.
We love Redbox!