Friday, November 7

Whatever did we do before...

For some reason our account has been disabled! We are trying to find out why and hopefully get it fixed. It would be such a bummer to start over again. I would be mostly sad about losing all the pictures we have on there. Not that we don't have them in our files, but that would stink to lose people's comments and such. I probably would not reload most of them again. It's weird how we've gotten so used to just jumping on there once in a while and checking out what's going on in the lives of about 300 of our friends and family! Now people could be getting engaged, having babies, and other big events and we have no idea!!!
But at the end of the day, probably nothing major will happen. We'll realize we really didn't miss that much and taking a break from it is probably a good thing!
(But in case something big does happen, facebook friends...let us know!! :)
At least we still have the blogging world!

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