Monday, April 5

The Good & the Bad...........

The Good:
It was a wonderful weekend. Great weather. Andrew had some guys from church over to watch the Final Four. Duke won, Andrew [very happy]!
Easter Sunday was an amazing service at our church. Lunch with friends. Graham got 2 Easter baskets from neighbors. Time spent with neighbors. A long walk. Beautiful day!
The Bad:
Our camera officially quit yesterday. No Easter pics. :( Graham had picked it up a couple of weeks ago and all I did was say his name and he got rid of it immediately. Thank you for your quick obedience, buddy. But the quick slam on the floor? Not so awesome.
The Good:
Something special is in the works (! Not all details are finalized yet...but hopefully soon!
The Bad:
Andrew left at 5:30 am for a work trip to Phoenix. He will be helping doing some training in their office there. He doesn't return until 10 pm Saturday night! It might be a long week! We hope it goes by quickly. G is going to wonder where his daddy is and I hate that he can't understand.
The Best:
hApPy 21st bIrThDaY to my sister, Katie!
She is 9 years younger than me, but I love this girl so much! I remember jumping up & down on my bed when I found out I had a sister (after 3 brothers!) I also promised my mom I would bring her downstairs when she cried at night. And then promptly learned how to sleep thru a crying baby 4 feet from my bed. I guess that's where I learned to sleep so hard. :)
She is amazing. The hardest working and most caring person I know! She has been working 2 (or is it 3 or 4?!) jobs to help get herself thru college. On a rArE day off, I usually find her volunteering for an elderly patient, by cleaning, grocery shopping, or mowing their yard! I am excited that she gets to spend part of her summer in Myrtle Beach working with Campus Crusade. And I CAN'T WAIT for her visit in 6 weeks!!!


Anonymous said...

I like your newest banner for your blog! Glad you had a good Easter aside from the camera troubles. Seth & I's camera is on its last leg. We've had it since we got married almost 4 years ago. The lens doesn't even close all the way when we turn it off : (

the johnson crew said...

birthday Katie.

and i was going to tell you i loved the pictures at the top of your blog too!