Friday, April 9

Lincoln's Update

We praise God that Lincoln came through surgery well. Is it not unbelievable that they can do open-heart surgery on a 3lb. infant??
He remains in the Critical Care Unit at St. Christopher's hospital in Philly. Joel is staying at the Ronald McDonald House there and will probably be there for at least 2 weeks. His & Andrew's parents were able to drive up for the weekend.
Tyler & Allison seem to be doing well. They are receiving some breathing assistance at times, but continue to progress. They are hoping that they can soon take in some milk as they have only been on feeding tubes up to this point.
Laura did leave the hospital and will be staying with her parents for a while. Praise God that her family lives so close and is able to provide constant, steady support as well as be able to care for Jack & Emily.
We just continue to pray for the whole family of 7! It is amazing that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are lifting them up in prayer. We know they are in the hands of the Great Physician.
(These pics are Lincoln post-surgery.)

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still praying.......