Tuesday, April 6

The Trips....

Andrew's brother's wife delivered the triplets yesterday!
They were born on my sister's birthday, so I should be able to remember 4 birthdays in one day. :)
*UPDATE* Lincoln's surgery was moved to Thursday morning.
(They were born at 31 weeks)

Allison Joy is 3lb.13oz. and 17 inches.
Tyler Micheal is 3lb.15oz. and 17.25 inches.
Lincoln Christopher is 3lb.11oz. and 16.25 inches. Little Lincoln needs immediate heart surgery to repair a too narrow artery in his heart. He was transferred to a hospital in Philidelphia and is scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday afternoon. Please keep Joel & Laura in your prayers. You can only imagine how difficult it would be to have to immediately split as parents and be in 2 different places, not to mention not being able to see all the babies together.
Teeny, tiny miracles. We praise God for their arrival.


the johnson crew said...

they are so beautiful. i will be praying for all of them and for the heart surgery. what an amazing miracle.

The Lesters said...

Wow what great weights for triplets! How early were they? We will be praying for little Lincolns surgery and for all of them, that they will be home soon.

[*B] said...

so, so, so sweet!
Will definitely pray for mister Lincoln!

oh, I can't get over the sweetness!

Rob H said...

What a miracle - these pics are amazing. Also loved the professional family pictures!