Tuesday, April 20

Stretching a buck @ Target..................

I think it drives some people crazy to hear about other people great deals that they score. I don't want to drive you crazy. :) I post this because a) I am so thankful & it is a blessing to us b) because I only learned how getting these kind of deals was possible by seeing others people's successes.
I have been slow to get into the deal game. #1) I was absolutely opposed to running to 6 different stores a week #2) for me, I could have consistent savings by doing all my shopping a wal-mart.
Recently I added CVS to my game plan. If you see all the rite aid/walgreens/cvs deals that are posted each week, it can be quite overwhelming. So I kind of kept an eye on all 3 and until I decided that CVS has the total best plan. You can buy products and immediately use your "extra bucks" on the rest of your purchases, they don't hassle with you over coupons (my walgreens experience!) and they have amazing promotions. I could go on about the deals I am [slowly] starting to score there, but I am sure that would bore you. So all that to say, IF you're contemplating any of them, CVS might be worth your time!
I also see Target deals posted, but Target just isn't convenient for me to get to, so I usually don't go. However, this week, I was totally lured by a hobo bag. :)
So I spent some time going over the Target deals for this week, printing my coupons and making my plan! (yes, it does take SOME time, but I figure that part of my job description is stretching our dollars as far as possible) :)
I was able to get all these products for just $10! (Total without sales/coupons would have been $33!)
Polo shirt for Andrew - $8 sale, $3 coupon=$5
Pure & Natural hand soap - $3 each, $2 coupons=$1 each
Pillow - $2.79, $1.50 coupon=$1.29
Johnson's buddy soap - $1.02, $1 coupon=2 cents :)
Annie's mac-n-cheese - $1.25. (I didn't have a coupon, but it was on sale, and well, I just love mac-n-cheese!!) This organic one is my current fav!

And the bag lure that brought me in (but you never know IF you'll be able to get the deals other people have).....SCORE. This amazing (it's actually orange) hobo bag - 74 cents (after my coupon, which apparently is not available anymore!).
So I'd say for this week, it was worth the trip!
I hope you're able to snag some great deals this week as well!


{B} said...

awesome, awesome job, Kelly!!
p.s. Graeme has clothes on right now, just in case you are wondering;-) hehe!

Kristen said...

Good for you, Kelly! It is work, but totally worth it! I snagged the bag coupon, I'll have to see if I have time to run over there. I totally agree with Walgreens and CVS! I don't bother with Walgreens anymore. They don't act like they want my business!

pgh moms said...

I'll believe it when I see it Sarah. haha. :)

totally agree Kristen!

suzanne said...

I love seeing and hearing about other peoples deals! Way to go on that bag! That is awesome! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Nice job on all the deals!