Thursday, January 12


Slightly belated as I've been trying to get this done all week...but...ya know that's how life is.
We do have an official walker on own hands!
She is still using crawling as her primary way of getting around. But she is getting braver and every day she's venturing a little more on her own!
When she goes from a sitting position to standing, she discovered how to do this little pose.
Downward-bending dog? =)
She loves to drink from big cups (that are conveniently empty).
Her brother is very sweet to her. He is SO excited that she is finally getting big enough to play with him. Of course, she's more interested in playing on her own and isn't always a willing a participant. :)
She loves to walk holding things.
Which usually puts her off balance, especially when she insists on carrying items that are almost as big as her!
Her new favorite thing is handing us items. Sometimes she will pick up my hand and put something in it. She loves to wave bye-bye.
She babbles mama & dada, but I don't know if I can be sure that she knows what she's saying. 
I can still pretend, can't I?
And oh yes, she does not like it when mommy walks away (i.e. church  nursery or friend's house!)
She's giving us lots of cuddles and gives squeezes around the neck.
Doesn't get much sweeter than that.
Steeler girl!
Graham likes to hold her by the hand and drag help her along.
She's not quite up to his speed yet. :)
And yes, we are mourning a tough Steeler loss and the end of a season!

 A cozy new blanket for Christmas!
Everywhere we go people comment on
what a happy, smiley baby she is.
Thankful for this sweet girl!
Less than a month until the double birthday bash!
Because I conveniently birthed my children 7 days apart. =)
But don't let me forget that a certain *someone* is turning thir-tay only 5 days before that.
Yep, there's going to be a lot of partying around here over the next few weeks.
As Graham says, Let's have cake!

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JordanandSue said...

She is such a cutie! I say you take the WHOLE month of Feb every year to party. And eat cake :) Enjoy your trip!