Thursday, January 5

fun in the snow (for some of us).

I'll admit.....I hate the cold. And carting around kiddos and all the layers is not my idea of fun.
However, I do love snow. It's probably my Minnesota upbringing, but when there's a good snowfall I can't wait to bundle up and head out!
My daughter does not yet share my joy.
Literally she cried for about 20 straight minutes over just being put in her snowpants while I was getting us all ready. Oh.the.drama. :)
Graham, on the other hand, loves.loves.loves.
 Here he is happy just to make footprints in the snow. :)
I knew once she got outside she would be fine. :)
We are so thankful that we have a small hill right in our backyard.
It's perfect for a little fun sledding!
I don't know if you can see....but there's a big snow angel & a baby one. :)
We've pretty much worn through all the snow in our entire yard, so we now need some more!
If it's going to be cold, I say we might as well have snow. :)

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