Monday, January 16

From Super Grover to the flu + more

Through the Momtourage, we were able to see Sesame Street Live last week.
Let's just say there were a LOT of celebrity-crazed toddlers there. :)
Graham loved it.
Planning, planning............

Graham loves red.
His latest red craze is to color a picture solid red.
He thinks it's the greatest thing!
He was describing to me each part that he was coloring, then he said he was coloring the underwear red....I thought huh???? Well, yep, I guess that is like underwear. :)
I did not do a lot of holiday baking.
Kudos to those with 10 children that still manage to turn out 30 dozen cookies during the holidays.
Anyone??? ok, maybe not. :)
But I did find these 2 tasty and EASY treats that were big hits to several gatherings that we attended.
A peanutbutter ball, sandwiched between 2 pretzels, dipped in chocolate.
Yes, I'll take 1.........or 5. =)
These were also very popular, much more tasty that I was envisioning. If you like the mint/chocolate combo, these are the best. Marshmallows dipped in chocolate, sprinked with crushed candy cane. Loved them.  
Where was I at 6am this morning?
That would be the grocery store picking up some items to help settle a very sick hubby's stomach. He (we) were up half the night. It was not good.
Praying he feels better soon.
Especially since Eden & I are leaving on a jet place on Wednesday, heading to see my family! Our flight leaves at 5:30 pm, we have a  4 hour plane ride, followed by a 4 hour car ride. You do the will be one late night!! Appreciate much prayers, especially for a certain little girl on a loooooooong flight. Oh boy, I hope we have friendly fellow travelers!
Speaking of little girl, she is a climb-er. Let the fun begin!

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